Artificial Intelligence Review by Marketers – Infographic

Artificial Intelligence Review by Marketers

Artificial Intelligence Review by Marketers - Infographic

According to new research by marketing automation platform provider Resulticks, Pushing any concept too hard, too fast and with too few tools can rapidly morph the buzzy into a buzzword—and “artificial intelligence” isn’t immune. 

Artificial Intelligence Review by 318 marketers was part of this research via various surveys. This article on Research report is based on Infographic made by Adweek.

Why are marketers sick of hearing about AI?

47% of marketers already consider AI to be overhyped, far more than other industry buzzwords.

69% of marketers rate their vendors’ ability to help them execute on AI as “poor” or “fair”.

42% of marketers have no plans to implement AI or have abandoned their attempts.

30% of marketers think vendors that use industry buzzwords are “full of it.”

20% think vendors don’t know what they’re talking about.

Most over hyped marketing concepts:

Artificial intelligence 47%
Big Data 31%
Omnichannel 23%
Real-time marketing 20%
Personalization 14%

How the expression "artificial intelligence" makes marketers feel?

Skeptical 40%
Energized 14%
Exhausted 12%
Neutral 21%
Optimistic 21%

Who marketers blame for over hyped concepts?

Martech vendors 55%
Journalists/bloggers 38%
Industry analysts 37%
All marketers 35%

How do marketers feel vendors deliver on AI promises?

  • They deliver exactly what they promise.
  • They deliver some of what they promise.
  • They over-promise and under-deliver.

Vendors that use industry buzz-worthy are...

50% said “Innovators at the forefront of industry trends.”
30% said “Full of it and I’m skeptical of their claims.
20% said “Clueless and don’t know what they’re talking about.”

Research by Resulticks

Infographic by Adweek

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