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why are top multinational companies hiring powerbi professionals_

Ep: 010 Why are Top Multinational Companies Hiring PowerBI Professionals?

Podcast with Christian Berg (Ex-Group Product Manager – BI & analytics)

How Big Data is growing big_

Ep: 010 How Big Data is growing big? | Power BI

Podcast with James Serra (Big Data/Data Warehouse Evangelist at Microsoft)

Jason McKittrick [Data Platform Architect with Microsoft]

Ep: 009 BI with Power BI: How to get jobs in BI Cloud Space? | BI

Podcast with Jason McKittrick (Data Platform Architect with Microsoft)

BI will Change to _____ in 10 years

Ep: 008 BI will change to ____ in 10 years | Business Intelligence

Podcast with Brian Mardon (BI Solutions Architect at IBM)

Machine learning for non-coders

Ep: 007 Machine Learning for Non-coders | AI Frameworks

Podcast with Chandni Sharma (Cloud engineer & Big Data Scientist)

Why Power BI is not an Excel Murderer and how to master power bi

Ep: 006 Why PowerBI is not an Excel Murderer and how to master it?

Podcast with Manik Pandita (Sr. Consultant at Capgemini)

Machine learning myth vs. Reality

Ep: 005 Machine Learning Myth Vs Reality

Podcast with Ben Taylor (Ex-Intel, Ex-Hirevue)

get Started with Data science for gis & ecology

Ep: 004 Get Started with Data Science For GIS and Ecology

Podcast with Minerva Singh (MPhil. University of Oxford and Ph.D. Graduate, University of Cambridge)

How to get Started with deep Learning_

Ep: 003 Future & Scope of Deep Learning

Podcast with Frank Kane (Ex-Amazon, Ex-IMDB)

Get Started with Big Data (2)

Ep: 002 How to get started with Big Data? | Big Data

Podcast with Michael Enudi (Professional at Structure IT)

Data Science and Drones

Ep: 001 Combination Of Data Science & Drones

Podcast with Pulkit Jaiswal
(CEO of SwarmX & CTO of Garuda Robotics)