Machine Learning vs Robotic Process Automation

Machine Learning vs Robotic Process Automation

Machine Learning vs Robotic Process Automation

This topic is attracting the interest of many professionals for quite some time. Mainly, to what is it and how it is going to impact the current tasks performed by professionals working in various sectors. In this article, will try to make it simple to understand for professionals from a Non-Technical background with a comparison.

Machine Learning vs Robotic Process Automation

Does it have GUI based software?

Yes, RPA can be performed with help GUI based applications like UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere and other.

Yes, Machine Learning can be performed with the help of application like Azure ML.

Is coding knowledge required?

Basic tasks can be automated in RPA without coding knowledge. For advanced RPA users, programming skills are required.

Yes, R and Python programming skills are required for Machine Learning.

How does it work?

It does tasks as instructed by human using RPA software.

Watch Robotic Process Automation Demo using UiPath Studio

It does and learns from task instructed by the human.

Watch Machine Learning Demo using Azure Studio

Does it enable the machine to learn without manual intervention?

No. It is a combination of Man and Machine.

Yes. Once programmed, it learns from each output and applies it as input in the next stage.

Which technologies are used in it?

RPA software like UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism and more

Softwares like Tensorflow, Azure ML and many other using open source library of R programming & Python

It helps in performing what kind of tasks...

RPA helps in automation of repetitive tasks in business processes like HR, Finance, Shared Services, etc.

Machine Learning helps in automation of complex tasks like Data security, Financial Trading, Fraud Detection, Marketing Personalisation, Healthcare, Smart Cars, Natural language Processing, Online Search, Recommendation and more.


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