Top 10 Data Analysis Tool


You’ll find that some of the Data Analysis Tools are even better than the Programming Tools.

Data exploration is considered an inevitable part of predictive modeling. You can’t come up with any prediction unless you know what took place in the past. The most important skill for self-exploratory Data Analysis is to dig into the Sentimental Tools of Data Analysis and become skillful about Data exploration Techniques.

Well, let’s not waste time and acknowledge the best and Top Data Analysis Tools. These are the data visualization tools, open source data tools which are free & quite interesting to work with. It helps to work with databases and data extraction.

Get excited to simply drag-drop and Click to get the Work done.

Top 10 Data Analysis Tool are as follow:

Let’s look at few self-exploratory Tools of Data Analysis. The Knowledge of these is a must for you if you have no idea about Coding.


What does Knime do?

KNIME Analytics Platform offers a Perfect Toolbox to the Data Scientists. It helps you in discovering the hidden potential in your Data. Looking for a data-driven innovation or want to do Data Mining to gain Fresh insights to do Future Predictive Analysis? KNIME has 100s of ready-made examples, 1000+ Modules and many advanced Algorithms available. KNIME comes with plenty of Data Blending, Machine Learning Algorithms and Advanced Techniques that will help in Building Models


What does RapidMiner do?

RapidMiner helps with statistical modeling, evaluation, data visualization, data mining and machine learning procedures. It also helps with Business and Predictive Analysis.

RapidMiner helps to Train, educate and Research. With Rapid Miner, you can do application development and rapid prototyping.

With RapidMiner you’ll be able to do visual programming, manipulate, analyze and model the data.


What does Open Refine do?

Got Messy Data? Open Refine will help you to clean, analyze, transform and shape the Data for Predictive Modeling.

Cleaning the Data is one of the most Complicated tasks for the Data Analysts.  Open Refine is the Tool which helps these Analysts solve this. It saves them a lot of Time from Data Cleaning which can be later utilized in doing some other Productive Work.

OpenRefine helps in Data exploration for large data sets with complete ease.


What does NodeXL do?

NodeXL is a data visualization Tool. It is a Data analysis software which comprises of relationships and networks. NodeXL keeps an Exact count and Check on Data, the Metrics, access to social media network data importers, and automation.

It is good at Advanced calculations and Connections. A free and Open-Source Network which helps in Data Analysis and Data Visualization Techniques.

Google Fusion Tables

What does Google Fusion Tables do?

Google Fusion Tables is another interesting Data Analysis Tool. It is often Considered a Competitive and Advanced version of Google Spreadsheets. It helps in Mapping, analyzing and Visualizing Data. It can Filter and Visualize 1000+ rows.  Analysts use it to delete, insert, update and query data programmatically.


What does QlikView do?

QlikView is one of the most outstanding tools of BI industry around the world. It is not a Statistical Software but It helps in Deriving business insights by building your own rich Analytics Applications and presenting it in an amazing manner. It has got art visualization capabilities, and the Potential to control the Data.


What does Solver do?

The Solver is an Add-in for Microsoft Office. It is an Excel add-in program which you can avail only if you’ve got Microsoft Excel or MS Office.

It is amongst the best Ranked Data Analysis Tools. It comes up with quick Problem-Solving Methods. With this, you can set constraints and do advanced Optimization.

Wolfram Alpha

What does Wolfram Alpha do?

Wolfram Alpha, Stephen Wolfram. It is an Advanced Computational Knowledge or Answering Engine which helps you obtain the answers of the Exact Queries. Wolfram directly responses to technical searches and solves calculus problems. You can make informative charts, Topic Overviews and Graphs and can reach high-Pricing History.

Tableau Public

What does Tableau Public do?

Tableau, one of the best and Trending Data Analytics tools, a simple and intuitive tool which. With Tableau Business can publish interactive data visualizations to the web for absolutely no cost.

It gives intriguing insights with the help of the data visualization Techniques. Visualizations published to Tableau Public can be embedded into blogs and web pages which can later be shared through email or social media.

Tableau Public’s million row limit is a Grand Advantage for Personal and Professional Use. Tableau’s Visuals will keep you hooked. It allows you to investigate a hypothesis and do Data Exploration.

The shared content of Tableau Public can be made available for downloads.

Google Search Operators

What does Google Search Operators do?

Google is an undeniably powerful resource which helps to Filter Google Results and the search operators have already taken it a step high. With Google Search Operators you get Google Results which is instant and very Useful. It is called Google’s most powerful data analysis tool which helps to discover new information or market research.